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Sustainable Gucci Shades, Victoria's Secret Is on Pinterest and More From Around the Web

A side to side comparison of Mad Men costumes to vintage Vogue editorials. The resemblance is uncanny, but we don't mind. It just makes the show more authentic, no? [The Awl]

Gucci is working on a new sustainable style of sunglasses made from "liquid wood," which come from trees in preserved forests, natural wax and lignin (a by-product of paper-manufacturing). If you ever threw a pair away—which you wouldn't cause they are Gucci and therefore awesome—it wouldn't hurt the earth. The material is totally biodegradable. [Ecoterre]

Another image of the Kardashian sisters wearing lingerie from their line at Sears, this time in a boudoir-like setting with a washed out vintage-style filter. Like the other pictures from the campaign, this one appears to be heavily Photoshopped. Which is a shame because—say what you want about their personal lives—Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are not ugly girls. They don't really need all that digital enhancement. [Styleite]

One of the latest brands to join the Pinterest scene is Victoria's Secret. The lingerie label's page already has 11 boards with names like "Angels in Love" and "Timelessly Sexy." [Pinterest]

Designer Jason Wu teamed up with model Karlie Kloss last weekend at the AIDS Walk New York. As part of the Step Forward team, the two raised a generous $58,025 for the charity. [WWD]

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