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The Designer Behind Lisa Frank, A Cleaned-Up Ke$ha and More From Around the Web

A list of important and influential people in fashion who have changed the way we shop. [CNBC

If most of your childhood possessions were covered with Lisa Frank's neon puppies and unicorns with rainbow-colored tails, you'll want to read this interview with Rondi Kutz, the brand's head designer from 1987-2002. [Hello Giggles

Speaking of people's experiences in the '90s, here's a heartfelt essay about why Betsey Johnson and her brand are so special. [Rookie Mag

Model Elettra Wiedemann has collaborated with Gryphon designer Aimee Cho to recreate her favorite black coat. The piece can be pre-ordered from Shoplesnouvelles.com now, and the proceeds will benefit Wiedemann’s charity One Frickin' Day and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. [Vogue

Woah…this might be the first picture of Ke$ha without spandex, body glitter and hair extensions we've ever seen! [The Cut]

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around the web
around the web