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These Hangers Show Real-Time Facebook Feedback

Brazilian store C&A now has hangers that flash real-time numbers of each piece of clothing's "likes" on Facebook. They're hi-tech, yes, and interesting, too, and they certainly make my fancy velvet no-slip hangers look like junkyard castoffs. But I'm not sure their supposed marriage of online feedback & in-person shopping works that well. And even if it did, I think I'd use it in the opposite way intended.

I'm not the kind of girl who pouts if their favorite indie band is suddenly #3 on Z 100's countdown. It's not overly important to me to have niche tastes in music, movies and clothes. But at the same time, I don't want to see six other girls carrying my purse on the way to work. So those likes would actually be a repellent. 

Or, they would be, if I really thought they represented what people would buy in person. But the photos people like on C&A's Facebook page are just crude still life shots of each piece of clothing lying flat against a white backdrop, which does no justice to things with interesting shapes, textures and details.

I'm pretty sure that in a sea of catalog-like photos, the eye naturally gravitates towards bright colors and classic hourglass shapes (wrap dresses, for instance) rather than things like, say, a drop-waisted, voluminous black dress. It could look seriously amazing on, but you'd never know until you slip it on a real, 3D body—and, in the process, entirely remove the hanger from the equation, no matter how fancy and hi-tech.

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