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This Is Dangerous: Shopbop Now Offers Saturday Delivery

With clothes in every flavor ($41 Splendid tanks, $9,990 Marchesa gowns) and glossy editorials coupled with a dizzying array of new stock every single day, Shopbop's kind of like the Willy Wonka factory of e-tailers. On top of its being fun to browse, the Madison-based site is also an incredibly organized, systematic operation. Maybe more than its candy store range of brands, I love the site's reliability, including its "guaranteed delivery by" promise. So its new— as of last week— Saturday delivery option is pretty major.

I'll wait for ground shipping for things I want for the season in general (A.P.C. loafers, spring) but I rush deliver things I need for specific, and time-sensitive, events (3.1 Phillip Lim dress, sister's party in two days). Not surprisingly, most of those events are on the weekend. I've done the reverse calculation before and had other ecommerce sites fail me, delivering my brown cardboard box first thing Monday morning instead of the promised Friday. I know Shopbop won't screw me over like that, a relief as a summer full of parties (and dresses like these) approaches.

Something about it is a little more artsy and punchy than the typical girly maxi dress.

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