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True&Co Helps You Find The Perfect Bra Online

My current lingerie home try-on program works like this: I order a mound of bras and panties, watch my bank account plunge lower than Blake Lively's necklines, spend an episode of Girls fidgeting with hooks and strap sliders, then return a tangle of six out of eight bras weeks later when I really, really need that money back.

It's neither convenient nor cost-effective, so, naturally, I like True&Co's new version better.

After filling out a quick quiz about your bra size and body type on Trueandco.com, their technology creates a personally tailored shop of bras from brands like Calvin Klein and Natori. Since the bras are chosen because they're likely to fit you, all you have to do is choose something pretty.

Or, three pretty things to be exact. For each shipment you pick three styles; they add two to the mix, then send you all five for one fully refundable $45 deposit. (The logic behind it is that three out of the five bras will fit.) Once they arrive, you have seven days to return whichever bras don't work and keep the ones that do for $45 each.

Try it here—just maybe don't take the quiz at work, unless you sit in a room full of women or don't think your coworkers would be distracted by the poking, proding and self-analyzing it requires.

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