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Vacation Outfits: What to Wear, Wherever

Everyone loves vacation, but no one loves packing for it—me included. No matter how many times I show up at a friend's house or in a foreign country with eight swimsuits, two navy blazers and one insanely high pair of glitter platforms, I don't learn.

I still put more thought into my lone airport outfit than I do the dozen or so I throw into my travel bag.  I still search my suitcase upon arrival, waiting for my fingers to press some Narnia-like trap door hiding all the logical things I should've packed.

Of course, it never works. But if it did, that pouch would spill over with all the things in the slideshow below. From Alaska to Asia, there's a starter suitcase for each locale sprinkled with things you could actually, realistically wear all trip long.

Southeastern Asia

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bali: it's HOT. Pack a Panama hat for shade, Keds for exploring and a one-piece pretty enough to double as a top when tucked into a skirt. And a Steven Alan shirt—it actually looks better the more wrinkled it gets.

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