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What I Wear to Work: Late Night TV Show

As a 25-year-old assistant on a late night TV show, Laurel Cummings actually sort of believes those celebrities who insist their fellow cast and crew are "like family." (Her show's production schedule mandates pulling shifts longer than Grey's Anatomy residents, after all.)

But friendly ambience aside, a career on a fast-paced show's not without challenges—like maintaining a semi-normal sleep schedule, committing to weekend plans and even getting dressed in the morning. Unlike some of the paparazzi-courting celebrities she encounters on set, Laurel might actually need more than one outfit per day.

On top of varied situations (formal meetings, hectic tapings) and changing atmospheres (literally—the show's studio is much, much colder than her office), Laurel also has an unpredictable schedule. She never really knows when she'll get off work in time to meet friends or pop by a cast and crew afterparty—one of the many perks of her profession—so she needs outfits for all occasions. Like chunky but pretty sweaters, flirty but not-too-snug dresses, long-lasting makeup and a impressively large handbag to carry it all.

Click through the slideshow below to see how she prepares for a week behind the scenes of the show. (We would just follow her around with a camera crew, but that could get pretty confusing.)

In the Studio

"On days in the studio, I'm running all over the place, so I really do need flats. And chunky sweaters that also look polished, since the studio is crazy cold. Rag & Bone seems to be pretty good for that."

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