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Which Bag Is Best: Glittery Clutch Edition

The best silk comes from China, the best leather from Italy and the best wool from the Andes (ask Loro Piana, who charges $20,000 for a robe made of the local vicuña, a llama-like animal). But as far as I know, no matter where you get glitter, it's all the same. There's no pastoral compound outside Paris where French artisans cut fine pieces of metallic confetti bit by bit, right before they shift their attention to hand-sewing Hermès Birkin bags. Glitter is glitter is glitter: it's the same quality in Ray's $20 manicures as it is in those $800 Miu Miu booties. (Remember, we're discussing glitter here, NOT Swarovski crystals from Austria.)

So if one glitter item is much more expensive than another similar one, I have to assume the price difference is due to its style and brand name, rather than the quality of the material itself. Like with these black glitter clutches: in structure and size, they're practically identical. But the Anya Hindmarch version (on top) is $660, while the BCBGeneration one is $39.99. That's a big difference, or a 16-and-a-half-times-as-expensive difference, to be exact.

I do like the slightly bigger glitter on the Anya Hindmarch minaudiere, and the way it's a little bit, well, blacker than the other black clutch. I also just love all things Anya Hindmarch. But I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay that much for a clutch that isn't an old-fashioned investment, like a simple black leather envelope.

And for the price of the Anya Hindmarch clutch, I could buy the BCBGeneration one and all the pieces in the slideshow below— including that ridiculously luxe Tom Ford lipstick, which I've been wanting for months. And still have $9 left over for an equally sparkly nail polish. Which would you choose?

Anya Hindmarch "Marano" clutch: $660

BCBGeneration "Devan" clutch, plus all of this: $651.99

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