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Which Blazer Is Best: Spring Colors Edition

Jill Stuart and Elizabeth and James are the sort of brands Emma Roberts and Lauren Conrad turn to for girly, on-trend pieces (pleated midi skirts, peplum cocktail dresses). So it's almost predictable that both labels are offering pink blazers this season. What else would those girls have to wear atop their floral-printed denim?

What is sorta eerie, though, is how similar the two blazers are (Jill Stuart's is on the left; Elizabeth and James's on the right). Three-quarter length sleeves, scrunchy arms, notched lapels, single button closure, hip-length hem: it's almost the entire checklist. The colors are only ever-so-slightly different—Elizabeth and James's version a little more coral, Jill Stuart's jacket a bit more bubblegum—and the bottom hems are squared off and rounded, respectively.

But beyond that, the biggest difference is the price tag. The Jill Stuart "Kelsey" blazer is $750, while the Elizabeth and James "Spring Jim" blazer is almost half the price, at $395. Typically I'd argue in favor of spending a little more than you're comfortable with when it comes to blazers—they're investments, or "essentials," after all.

But unlike a classic navy, black or red blazer, there are only so many ways to wear these pink ones without veering into Barbie or Cher Horowitz territory (Clueless, hello). So I'm not sure the Jill Stuart version is worth the splurge, even though I do like the color a little better than its more rosy Elizabeth and James counterpart.

Although, for the price of the Jill Stuart version, you could buy the Elizabeth and James one and all the stuff in the slideshow below. And still have enough money left over for a good bedhead hair spray to make the look a little undone. Which would you choose?

Jill Stuart's "Kelsey" blazer: $750

Elizabeth and James's "Spring Jim" blazer, plus all of this: $733.16

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