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Which Fancy Jumpsuit Is Best?

I don't mess with rompers for fear I'll look like a Disney tween star on her way to The Coffee Bean, but jumpsuits I like. Whether they're the sleek, strapless Givenchy and Lanvin kind or the more blousy '70s versions doesn't matter; I'm into them both.

As far as the ones at left, though, I'm not sure which Studio 54-worthy jumpsuit I'm more into. They share a plunging V-neck, elbow-length sleeves, cinched waist and silky black fabric. But beyond a definite "splurge" label, their price tags have little in common. The Hugo Boss jumpsuit (on the left) is $695 while the Hakaan one (on the right) is a cool $1,810. 

Of course, both jumpsuits are still really, really expensive, but it's far from splitting hairs. For the price of the Hakaan jumpsuit, you could have the Hugo Boss version and all the items in the slideshow below. And still have enough cash left over for both a Jerry Hall-like blowout and a bottle of Moroccan oil. Which would you choose?

Hakaan's "Lali" jumpsuit: $1,810

BOSS Black by Hugo Boss' "Demira" jumpsuit, plus all of this: $1,739

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