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Zimmermann for Shopbop: I Will Wear These Rash Guards as T-Shirts

Today Zimmermann's rash guards for Shopbop.com went on sale and it hit me like a wave: 10 years later, I am not over Blue Crush. Not at all.

I still have that image of Kate Bosworth coming out of the ocean splashed into my mind: her sunkissed skin, cherry Chapstick pout and sporty bikini. I still want to channel its awesomeness somehow, despite the fact that I haven't surfed since I was 12 and would look less like a summer movie babe and more like a YouTube clip of a dog boogie-boarding.

But that's what these rash guards are for: getting that sporty look without all the sport. Their frilly hems and sweet fabrics (floral, paisley) make the perfect excuse for wearing them while doing nothing more taxing than reading Fifty Shades of Grey on a towel. When my friends call me out for trying to look like a surfer, I'll deny it by pointing to the rash guard's prettiness and saying I couldn't resist. Although, yes, I totally wanted to look like a surfer. Who doesn't? (Plus, they're a great way to cover up and still look cute when that SPF 45 isn't doing its job anymore.)

Click through the slideshow below to see the whole capsule collection, and shop them starting at $185 on Shopbop.com.

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