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Ask a Dude: Are Guys Into Cologne These Days?

Dear Dude,

Why don’t guys wear cologne anymore? Or do they, and I just can’t smell it?

This all depends on the guys you're smelling. And that all depends on how creepy you are. Just kidding. Guys are definitely still wearing cologne. In fact, now more than ever, guys (even, like, that totally normal dude who works with you even though you have no idea what he actually does and whose name you only half remember and who sometimes when you're feeling lazy you don't even say hello to in the elevator and who you'd never even think of grabbing a coffee with) are totally thinking about grooming. I know, right? Even THAT guy.

To varying degrees of how concerned they are that they DVR'd Gossip Girl, real actual men that live in your real actual city have independently thought of the phrase "signature scent." Some are counting down the days until the Comme des Garcons cologne that smells like fresh laundry or whatever is back in stock. Some are popping into CVS after work and asking an attendant to unlock the glass case that houses bottles adorned with various professional athlete signatures. Some are popping into CVS after work and asking an attendant if there is a 2-for-1 deal on the body spray that also doubles as insect repellant. Regardless, the moral of the story is that guys are indeed still wearing cologne. My scent happens to be Marlboro Light Noir. And trust me, my girlfriend wishes she couldn't smell it.

Lawrence is a writer living in New York. Got a guy-related fashion question for him? Leave it in the comments, Tweet him at @SartoriallyInc or email him on luckydude467@gmail.com.

Photo via Fragrances of the '90s.

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