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Garance Doré Takes Reed Krakoff's Boxer Bag Around the World

If we were lucky enough to own one of Reed Krakoff's gorgeous belted Boxer bags, we'd take it everywhere we went. And that exact sentiment, as it happens, seems to be the basis of the designer's latest campaign, a collaboration with street style photographer and blogger Garance Doré.

Doré has snapped the famous carryall in a variety of cities across the globe, from Milan to Marrakesh and everywhere in between, all of which debut today on Reedkrakoff.com. Boxers in an array of different colors and finishes pop up besides the Eiffel Tower in Paris, hanging from bicycle handles in London and atop a colorful market in Tokyo—and it's all very witty and cute. Check out a few of our favorite images from the campaign below.


Courtesy of Reed Krakoff

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