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Exclusive Q&A With Emily Thorne

For the cover of our June issue, we interviewed Emily VanCamp, star of the hit primetime drama, Revenge. But we also scored an exclusive interview with VanCamp's on-screen alter-ego. Ladies and gentlemen, the schemer extrodinaire herself, Emily Thorne:

Lucky: When you saw Daniel's bloody tuxedo, did you freak out about the dry cleaning bill?

Emily Thorne: No. I have a plan B for everything, not to mention that I have a discreet dry cleaner on my payroll.

Who has a better shoe collection, you or Victoria Grayson?

Ooh. That’s a tough call. Victoria’s is probably more refined, but she only needs to play herself. I’m forced to morph into a number of different people in the name of revenge, which requires a more varied arsenal of ass-kicking shoes.

Do you prefer your guy scruffy or clean shaven?

Depends on who’s wearing the beard. However, since only revenge drives my way, I’m compelled to adapt. But nothing screams sexier than a man comfortable in his own skin.

How much is too much to spend on a dress?

There is no “too much.” The cost of revenge is priceless.

What's your best getaway outfit?

Depends on where I’m running away to. If it’s a weekend in St. Barths, a great sundress and Louboutin sandals. But If I’m running from the cops, a good pair of motorcycle boots and a hoodie.

Now that you've discovered Charlotte is actually your half sister, do you think you'll share clothes?

What’s mine is hers. After all, the more she leans into my closet, the less she leans into Victoria’s. Because if she continues to follow her mother’s dress sense, the only thing she’ll be wearing is stripes.

Photo Courtesy of ABC/Bob D’Amico


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