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Our favorite lip balm now comes in a new, even more intensely theraputic version.

It's the best for sun protection and it doesn't melt easily—I never go to the beach without this stick.

Shea butter makes everything better.

Very effective and not very costly.

You can use this wonder salve to heal just about anything.

Sometimes shiny lips just aren't the look I'm going for and this balm is completely matte. It's perfect for layering under lipstick too.

It works and it's pretty chic to pull this one out of your makeup bag.

Laura Mercier's balm is both anti-aging and hydrating.

It's like butter.

This one is ultra soothing because it's made with cold cream. And it's gentle enough for babies.

You can never go wrong with Biotherm skincare—this is their newest lip product.

If you're looking for just a hint of color....

I keep a mini tube of Aquaphor in every bag, at my desk and in my nightstand.

Josie Maran figured out that argan oil is a cure-all, so she puts it in just about all of her products.

I'm not sure why, but this works so fast to get rid of chapped lips.