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Mad Men Season 5, Episode 10: Shop the Show

In "Christmas Waltz," Joan receives some startling news about her marriage, but it's nothing a date with Don and a Jaguar joyride won't help fix. Meanwhile, tension continues on the home front for Don and Megan, the latter of whom's quickly growing tired of Draper's philandering schtick. Oh, and Paul Kinsey's now a Hare Krishna (shaved head and all), and has snagged himself a hippie girlfriend to match.

Watch a behind-the-scenes recap of "Christmas Waltz" below, then click through to shop some of the episode's most memorable looks.

Joan Holloway Harris

Joan may have gotten served with divorce papers, but she looks no worse for the wear in this pretty purple floral dress teamed with gold jewelry. Just the perfect ensemble for a feel-better drink with Don.

Courtesy of AMC

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