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Mother's Day Shopping, Simplified: The Most-Wanted Brands by Age

Figuring out what to get your mom for Mother's Day can be tricky. When I'm buying gifts for my friends, I generally consider it a plus if the item in question appeals to me, too. But when it comes to moms, it's doesn't work like that. After all, 25-years-olds and 50-somethings generally have vastly different tastes in clothing.

To make this year's Mother's Day gifting a bit easier, our friends at Shop It To Me did some research and uncovered—with the help of data scientists—which brands are most coveted among certain age groups. So what did they find?

If you're looking for a present for a girl in their mid-twenties, you'd do well to select something from BCBG or Banana Republic. For Mom, however, you might be better off picking a piece from Ralph Lauren or Jones New York. Interestingly, Nine West was a top pick across the board, regardless of age. So when it doubt, go for footwear. Check out Shop It To Me's complete graphic below!

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