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Picking Out Pippa Middleton's 'Coming to America' Wardrobe: Our Suggestions

Over the past couple of days, the internet's been ablaze with rumors that Pippa Middleton is seriously considering a move to Manhattan. Which would mean, of course, that we'd have a member of the extended British royal family in our midst. Holy excitement!

We can understand why Pippa would choose to settle down in NYC. Back home in the UK, she's constantly trailed by paparazzi, and the Big Apple's known for helping its celeb residents stay (relatively) anonymous. Duchess Catherine's sister also has a party-planning how-to book called Celebrate launching this fall, so considering the onslaught of press dates coming her way, it would make sense to relocate to the heart of the publishing industry.

Though currently unconfirmed, this news makes us start wondering how Pippa's day-to-day style sense might shift when she moves across the pond. After all, London wardrobe essentials differ wildly from those here in the USA. So we picked out five pieces that, should Pippa become a new New Yorker, she won't want to live without. Check them out below.

Photo: FilmMagic

A wear-everywhere little leather jacket is an NYC essential.

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