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An adorable way to show your Khaki Scouts pride.

A proper scout never leaves her signature yellow scarf behind.

A khaki camp shirt that works far outside the campground.

Knee socks are a must for any adventurous kid growing up in the mid-'60s.

Perfect for hauling around gadgets and snacks, not so much for carrying a kitten.

A near-identical replica of Suzy's collared dress—at a crazy low price.

Only suitable for those with pierced ears. Ya hear that, Suzy?

Equal parts classic and kitschy.

The most wonderfully crisp, clean pair of summer shorts ever.

Ideal to keep on hand in the event of inclement weather.

Suzy's bold, bright blue eyeshadow is her beauty signature.

This plaid pack will stow everything you might need for a day on the trail.

Escape to a fantasy world of your very own.