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Snow White and the Huntsman Costume Designer Colleen Atwood on Dressing Charlize and How to Go Medieval on Your Own Closet

This morning, we got a special preview of HSN's new Snow White and the Huntsman collection, a collaborative lineup comprised of Gothic-style jewelry by Ranjana Khan and Loree Rodkin, jeweled candles from D.L. & Co., and a custom duo of "good and evil" Deborah Lippman nail colors, among others. Set to coincide with the epic flick's June 1 release date, some of the fairytale-themed goodies are already available on HSN.com—and you can shop them in the slideshow right now. The entire line will be unveiled live on HSN and HSN.com during a 24-hour event on May 30.

Among the designers contributing to the fantastical capsule? Academy-Award-winning costume whiz Colleen Atwood, who created all the looks seen in the forthcoming film. After taking in Atwood's "modern medieval" pieces for the home-shopping platform, we asked her more about what went into costuming Charlize, Kristen and the movie's other stars.

Working with such a beloved fairytale as Snow White must have been fun. How did you go about creating the story through costume?

Well, we had a great script to start with, one that helped liberate us from the original fairytale a bit. Then collectively, we chose to set this story in the Middle Ages, which provided the design base for us. From there, we put each character in situ: Chris Hemsworth's character lived in the woods, for instance, so everything he wore had to look really organic and like he'd just come by it naturally. Kristen's wardrobe had to do a lot of hard work—she did pretty much all her own stunts, running and riding. So everything had to be practical, but look pretty on her too.

The outfits for those combat scenes must have been heavy!

Charlize's battle costume weighed about 30 pounds—the front pieces and the shoulders are all real metal. We used aluminum, which makes them lighter than usual, but they definitely still weigh a lot.

Kristen's become known for her high-fashion risks on the red carpet, but I really like how she keeps her look down-to-earth and casual when she's off duty. What do you think of her real-life style?

She's very much a "real girl," someone who enjoys dressing casually. She has to wear all sorts of crazy things in her movies, so I think it's great for her to get a break from that in her personal life.

Who was the biggest challenge—or the most fun—to dress over the course of filming?

Well, I had to dress all the dwarves, which was definitely a challenge but so much fun. And then with Charlize—I mean, dressing Charlize Theron is such a great opportunity to have fun with the looks. We set no boundaries at all when it came to her costumes.

Let's imagine you had the chance to design the costumes for another fairytale movie—any one you wanted. Which would you pick?

It's a strange one, but I've always loved The Snow Queen. It's such a beautiful story, and the costumes for it could be really fantastic. I also love Pinocchio.

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