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Tiffany & Co. and Elsa Peretti Might Be Parting Ways

Today brings sad news for any girl who ever owned (or coveted) one of Elsa Peretti's signature bean pendants, teardrop earrings or open heart necklaces. According to WWD, the 72-year-old Peretti, who's sold her designs at Tiffany & Co. since 1974, wants to "retire" her relationship with the iconic Fifth Avenue-based jewelry store.

For the past 38 years, Peretti has received royalties from Tiffany's use of her exclusive designs, and her pieces account for roughly 10 percent of the store's net sales today. But now, Peretti is considering severing her licensing deal with the jeweler. If this were to happen, Tiffany & Co. would be obligated to stop selling any Peretti-designed pieces in about a year and a half.

Back in high school, I remember those little sterling silver beans and floating hearts serving as most girls' introduction to the world of Tiffany's. Priced lower than many other of the store's baubles, they represented—and still represent—understated taste and luxury, and so for me at least, the prospect of Peretti's exit from Tiffany's stable of designers is a sad one. Below, shop some of the jewelry designer's most memorable items for Tiffany's—while there's still time.

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