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A Bunch of Celebs Designed Skeletons for Kiehl's

Back in the day Kiehl's used a real human skeleton as part of their everyday business. It was 1851, long before genius ideas like mid-flight cigarettes and cocaine-laced Coca-Cola were reevaluated, so that was totally normal. Plus, while I'd now label Kiehl's a beauty brand if describing it to someone foreign to their buttery lip salves and no-fuss essential oils, historically it was an apothecary.

Those products had medical uses, and founder Aaron Morse used Mr. Bones—as he's so fondly nicknamed now—like an early version of PowerPoint to demonstate which body part corresponded to which balm.

This summer, the brand's celebrating that pharmacy heritage by bringing Mr. Bones back to life. Sort of. From June 2 to July 14, 13 skeletons designed by celebrities like Alicia Keys and Zach Galifianakis will haunt the brand's seven NYC-area stores. (That's Zack Galifianakis's above—who knew he shared our penchant for glitter?)

For their involvement, Kiehl's will donate $200,000 to a charity of each celebrity's choice, but there are perks in Mr. Bones's rebirth for everyone. Visit Kiehl's stores (or their Facbeook page, if you can't make it to NYC) to find out more about them. In total, there are 206 prizes to be won—one for every bone in the human skeleton, naturally.

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