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So many cleansers made for sensitive skin don't get the job one. This creamy one has pink French clay in it that helps to really clean the skin. It smells really fresh, too.

A gold standard in skincare, Biologique Recherche has been the answer to all my skin's problems. This does everything: Exfoliates, tones and moisturizes—a true miracle product if there ever was one.

This serum helps to reduce skin's sensitivity and can reduce redness.

I hate heavy moisturizers and this one is surely the opposite of that. You can use gratuitious amounts and it still feels like you've put nothing on your face at all. There's no scent whatsoever, which is something those with super sensitive skin should avoid.

NEVER step outside without sunblock. Just don't do it. If you have rosacea, the sun makes it way worse. I like this serum with added sunblock because it feels less greasy.