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Beach Cover-Ups for the One Percent

Beyond how great they look, a gorgeous new swimsuit and a fancy beach towel can help transport you—mentally, at least—from splashing yourself with hose water on an 8x8 rooftop to being spritzed with Evian on the French Riviera. The really good, goop-worthy swimwear just has those powers.

But even if you're not especially body-conscious or easily sunburned, you won't truly get the VH1 Fabulous Life vibe until you toss a beach cover-up or caftan into the picture, too. Whether you wear them poolside or stretched out in the sand, these options are the most luxurious sun-shieldng outfits out there. (Except, maybe, a blanket of $100 bills.)

This one has Blake Lively's name all over it.

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