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Brazilian Wunderkind Pedro Lourenco on His Melissa Collaboration—And Why the Bomber Jacket is the Thing

Describing Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço as a boy wonder is certainly an understatement. The son of two designers, by age 7 he was attending Comme des Garçons runway shows. By 12 he had launched his own collection. Just a few seasons ago, Lourenço began showing his ready-to-wear on the Paris catwalk. (He's of drinking age, now.)

Along with presenting 2013 Resort looks in New York City this week, the master of leather has teamed up with fellow Brazilians, Melissa Shoes, to launch a collection of heels and flats. They're all made in Melissa's signature sturdy-but-not-precious plastic, twisted up with Lourenço's ombre and multi-color styling. It's a bit of a departure, yes: not only are the shoes made from the opposite of his signature material, they also range from $90-$175, wildly affordable compared to his couture-like RTW. But Lourenço is more than a little enthusiastic.

Lucky: Are people obsessed with Melissa shoes in Brazil?

Pedro Lourenço: The kids—the young girls—they really like it. What is interesting about Melissa is that they do a lot of different collaborations with designers, so different customers reach the store.

And it’s affordable, it’s accessible.

Much more accessible.

Your clothes are really about individual pieces. Is there something from Resort 2013 that you think every woman should own?

The couture bomber jacket. I wanted to do some very common, boring items that are very street—I wanted to truly make them couture.

Does the street inspire you?

I’m going to be very transparent. I’m very old fashioned—old school. It’s all about couture, being polished. My biggest challenge—what I’m trying to do—is to look to the street. I love understanding lifestyles and getting the mood.

Would you ever think about showing in New York sometime?

It’s my big dream. I came to the States when I was 15 years old. I was in love.

You can buy Pedro Lourenço's ready to wear at Barneys New York. And go to Melissa.com.br to find the Melissa + Pedro Lourenço collection at a store near you.


The Melissa boutique in New York City's SoHo neighborhood.

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