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Chance's Artsy Elliott Stripe Tees Are Perfectly Imperfect

If you're reading this right now, chances are you own at least one bateau-striped tee. You might even have several, of varying sleeve length, color and stripe thickness. But we're willing to bet you've never seen anything like designer Julia Leach's new irregularly-striped shirts for her label Chance, part of the brand's Spring 2012 California collection.

Dubbed the Elliott Stripe and decorated with slightly off-kilter, squiggly lines instead of the usual ruler-straight variety, the shirts are a collaboration between Chance and contemporary artist Elliott Puckette. "Elliott's a great friend of mine, and I've always loved her work," Leach told me at her collection's preview at Barneys last week. "So I've always been thinking of ways we can mix her stuff and my stuff together—and this just seemed perfect."

Or imperfect, as it were. Puckette sketched out a pattern for the shirts, which then went off to Peru for production. The final product, a boatneck long-sleeved tee, is available in either black, blue, aqua or pink—all colors Puckette frequently uses in her artwork. The Elliott Stripe, which you can pick up for $98, is now available on Chanceco.com.

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