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Emma Stone's Best Looks from the Spider-Man Press Tour

Last month, my mental flashcards of Emma Stone's best outfits wouldn't have taken that long to flip through.

Not because she isn't awesome, but because she hasn't had to pose through giant promotional tours like Kristen Stewart or Jennifer Lawrence. But with less appearances to choose from, there were still standouts: the one with the giant bow, the one with the really pretty peach color, the one with the colorblocking and the peplum.

After this month's The Amazing Spider-Man press tour, though, the set of sartorial hits I'm cataloging is thicker than a SAT vocab pack. Posing alongside new Spidey/boyfriend Andrew Garfield on red carpets from Seoul to Spain, Emma wore a whole web of different styles (Studio 54-ready jumpsuits, luncheon-friendly floral shifts, Angelina-esque high slit gowns) and each was kind of amazing.

Below, we've rounded up a few of our favorites and similar, shoppable items. Overall, the fashion was so good we're hoping for yet another Spider-Man prequel, sequel or whatever— anything to keep Emma on the road and in fantastic clothes.

In Carven

To avoid looking Wednesday Addams-y, Emma choose a splashy color for her Peter Pan collar dress. Click through to shop the look.


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