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Everlane.com Sells Luxury Products You Can Actually Afford

T-shirt shopping can be a tricky thing. Some say that it's the most important part of the wardrobe and worth shelling out for the very best. Others—mostly fans of the infamous Hanes 3-pack—would rather save the extra money for more exciting items. Everlane.com, an e-tailer that sells well-priced basics, agrees with both groups—and they've found a way to make everyone happy.

Launched last November by former venture capitalist Michael Preysman, the site offers a tightly edited selection of insanely low-priced tees (a V-neck only costs $15) and accessories made of premium materials. It might seem unlikely that such inexpensive products could be of high quality, but the company has a unique business model on its side: by choosing to sell solely online, it has managed to cut costs to a bare minimum. And although Preysman is determined to keep the brand an internet-only establishment ("We are going to shut the company down before we go to physical retail," he recently told the New York Times), he IS giving people a one-off chance to test his products in person.

Yesterday in SoHo, Everlane opened a temporary space called "Not a Shop," filled with merchandise for people to see, touch and try-on. Nothing there is available to purchase, and visitors are encouraged to order everything they like online, free of shipping charges. The "non-shop" will be open daily until July 1 at 65 Prince Street from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M., and similar installations are set to arrive in L.A. and San Francisco later this year. But even if you aren't in NYC to try out the goods, stop by Everlane.com and order a T-shirt anyways. Because honestly, at $15 a pop, what have you got to lose but a couple of lattes?

photo: Everlane Women's V-Neck, $15, Everlane.com

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