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Honey & Roses: Skin Care You Could Just Eat Up

The following is a guest post from our friends at The Chalkboard by Pressed Juicery.

At some point in your childhood you were likely tempted to bite right in to your watermelon chapstick or take just a sip of that strawberry-scented bubble bath. Although we don't recommend this behavior and hope your parents kept a watchful eye, the impulse remains with this round-up of crave-worthy beauty products! We may have come a long way from grape-scented lip gloss, but why not keep your youthful glow with grape-infused skin serum instead? These 5 appetite-inspiring skin care lines will give a delicious lift to your daily routine.

This rosewater mist is, frankly, life-changing. If you're one to love the scent of roses, there is little on the skincare market with a truer, more delightful rose scent than Jurlique. Soothing and restorative, this mist is pure heaven for the skin.

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