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Honoring Nora Ephron: Unforgettable Looks From Her Best Movies

Nora Ephron died last night at age 71. Her prolific writing career spanned several decades—and many mediums. Although she dabbled in everything from personal essays to blogging, it's all those romantic comedies she wrote that I remember best.

I was a kid when her string of movies starring Meg Ryan debuted. Watching them spawned all sorts of ideas about how my adult life was supposed to pan out: I would move to New York, wear floppy sweaters, hustle and bustle from the artisan grocery store to my quaint apartment. My first kinda-sorta date with my first kinda-sorta boyfriend was spent watching Sleepless in Seattle on his couch. In-between wondering how close was too close to scooch toward him, I pondered Ryan's wardrobe…"do they sell khaki trench coats like that at the local mall?"

These days, I'm still really inspired by Meg Ryan's litany of Nora-created characters—and each one's wardrobe of effortless "I look good without even trying" outfits. To pay homage to my favorite Ephron style moments, I've shopped looks from four of her best films. Click through the slideshow below to get them all now:

When Harry Met Sally


What to wear for faking orgasms during dinner? A chunky cable knit and button-down, of course. Click through to shop this look now.

Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection