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Cosmetic Refridgerator (Uh-huh!)

"A cosmetic refrigerator!  In this cabinet, wellness and beauty products, as well as beverages, are perfectly chilled and organized. Order it through my site,," says Adams.

Towel Racks That Aren't Towel Racks

A ladder can create more towel hanging space and looks good:

Control Hair Equipment Clutter

"I love this hair tool station cabinet!  This keeps all of your hair tools out of sight, and the cords are managed by tucking them behind the cabinet with a built-in outlet."

The Floating Shelf

"Floating shelves are perfect for adding more space for organization, and for giving your bathroom a "designer" look." 

More Floating Shelves

"Sometimes you have to think behind the box! This medicine cabinet became more efficient after it was adhered with a sheet of precut galvanized steel to its interior. Magnetic hooks now hold scissors and a mirror, and small plastic cups with magnetic bottoms house small necessities, such as rubber bands and hair clips."

Drawer Dividers

"Divide and conquer your makeup! Drawers in the bathroom tend to be messy, unorganized catch-alls for many different containers and inserts. Use custom or expandable cosmetic drawer inserts that fit into the drawer to take the place of bulky cosmetic bags. Different size compartments will organize lipstick, blush and eye shadow. As you organize your make-up, be sure to throw away anything that smells or is expired. Old make-up contains bacteria that can irritate your skin."