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How to Wear as Little as Possible to Work and Still Look Professional

It's the time of year when you'll see men carrying their suits on the subway because it's too hot to wear them to work. So you might be feeling like the only thing weather-appropriate is a string bikini.

The trick is to wear structured pieces and to remember to balance everything out. If you're wearing a short skirt, be sure to wear a high neckline. If you're going sleeveless, bring the hemline of your mini skirt down an inch or so. I promise you—there are some skimpy things that look super professional. Here are some highly professional-looking picks for a hot summer workday from the most professional person in this building. (Not even close, but I know how to fool 'em).

Miniskirt With Volume

Another trick is to choose demure prints and pleats to avoid seeming "sexy." It's decievingly skimpy, but very appropriate.

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