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How to Style Stuff You're Sick Of

Before I wrote this story, I wasn't excited—at all—to wear the once very, very trendy but now slightly past-prime pieces in the gallery. Now I'll be revisiting those ubiquitous collegiate staples I felt squirmishly too old to wear, as well as the fast fashion top sellers of 2011. The backlash to the backlash changed my mind.


If you've ever walked across a college campus in the rain, you know that wellies are a higher education necessity. That's probably why my mind ties them to lazy collegiate outfits. I feel kind of weird wearing them now, like I should be more adult or something.

Making them intentionally part of a look, though, could turn that around. To do that, I'd trade out blue jeans and a knapsack for something either ridiculously fun, like a bright, sparkly dress, or New England summer camp-y, like tattered khaki shorts.

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