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Insights With Celebrity Skincare Guru Dr. Alkaitis

The following is a guest post from our friends at The Chalkboard by Pressed Juicery.

Very few skin care lines claim to be so pure that you can actually eat all of the products. Dr. Alkaitis holistic organic skin food is one of those rare brands, meant to feed the skin with ingredients that are completely edible. Dr. Alkaitis’ comes from an extensive background in plant studies, including work with, count ‘em, four Nobel Prize winners. Since creating his namesake brand, his products have become a cult obsession with many models and celebrities for whom reliable skin care is an absolute essential. We happen to know some of the best modelling agencies in the world recommend the line to soothe the overworked skin of their clients. Here Dr. Alkaitis shares some of his thoughts and insights on skin care with us and we’re more than thrilled to share them with you.

What inspired the creation of the Dr. Alkaitis brand?

DA: “Over the years, my wife would bring home a variety of personal care products from numerous sources, including health food stores, and ask my opinion about them. After looking at the ingredient label, invariably my response was, ‘I wouldn’t put that on my skin.’ Having had more than a passing scientific and sociological interest in skin, our most social of organs, one day I said, ‘I will make you products for which your skin will be eternally thankful.’ After five years of effort, the core products of my line were born.”

Dr. Alkaitis products are ‘edible’. Why is that? Are other beauty products ‘inedible’?

DA: “The simple answer is that whatever is put on your skin is absorbed into your body, it is ‘eaten’. So if one is interested in maintaining a healthy skin and health, then they should follow this simple guideline: ‘If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.’ According to this straightforward guideline, the vast majority of beauty products on the market are ‘inedible’.”

If you could advise readers of just a few things to avoid that will improve their skin, what would they be?

DA: “Eat only whole living organic foods. Stay away from soy. Use only virgin cold pressed organic oils – coconut, olive and sesame oils. I have consulted hundreds of women over the years and brainstormed skin issues from acne to hormones to all different kinds of skin aliments and challenges relating to them. Every single time someone is at their wits end – I’ve proposed this: stop using everything for 3-4 days and only eat organic vegetables. No fruit, no wheat, no refined foods. Just raw and or steamed vegetables morning, noon and night or three organic vegetable juices a day. This has drastically improved every single person’s skin with in one-week’s time. After this period has passed, I recommend they re-examine the ingredients in their make-up and skin care. Investigate these ingredients. Make sure they don’t contain silicone, the number one pore clogging ingredient out there and in almost everything. Avoid smoking, excessive alcohol intake, refined sugar, any drink in a can and coffee.”

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