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Karl Lagerfeld Casts Joan Smalls For Fendi's Fall Campaign

Joan Smalls plays the starring role in Fendi's Fall 2012 campaign, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. The designer—who also featured the model in Chanel's Spring 2012 ads—claims he made the casting decision during Milan Fashion Week.

"I said to myself backstage during the show: It’s her and her alone," he told WWD. "No other girl—or boy—no child, only her. She had this incredible golden, glowing skin that made her look like some Etruscan beauty."

Most of the images won't be released until July 15, in the August issue of magazines, but the brand has released one finished shot and behind-the-scenes picture. Posing in scenic Italy, Smalls commands both images with a serene kohl-lined gaze. Another hit for the Kaiser—we can't wait to see the rest.