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Lady Gaga's Hat Designer Helped Create Outfits for the 2012 Olympic Volunteers

Everyone's been talking about the athletes' designer outfits at this year's Olympics—Ralph Lauren made outfits for team USA and England is wearing Stella McCartney—but the award presenters will be really well-dressed, too. The 300 plus volunteers scheduled to hand out medals will wear costumes created by Zara Gorman, Tom Crisp and Trine Hav Christensen from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art.

Although you might not be familiar with the names, you've probably seen at least some of their work. Gorman, a milliner, created the headpieces that Lady Gaga wore in her "Marry the Night" music video (and is also working with Björk). Designing for the Olympics, however, has been her most rewarding project yet.

"This is clearly far bigger than anything I’ve done before," Zara told Grazia Daily. "And from the point of view of being a British milliner, making things for such an amazing occasion like the Olympics, I’d say that this is on a whole new level."

The ensembles themselves—which are bright violet accented with orange—were inspired by Greek mythology, British heritage and the venue for the upcoming games. We think they also look a little like something Effie Trinket would wear while flitting about the Capitol City. Which when you think about it, is fitting: the Olympics, like the Hunger Games, is a widely watched competition with very high stakes. Luckily, our version doesn't involve any murders—just to-die-for fashion.

photo via Grazia Daily