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Louis Vuitton Is Really, Really Into The 'Art' of Packing

For me, fancy clothes and glossy technology give even the most ho-hum task a RedBull & vodka-like jolt—which is probably why I just spent twenty minutes messing around on Louis Vuitton's "The Art of Packing" site. I am someone who hates packing more than most, but virtually packing a gorgeous piece of luggage with very pretty Louis Vuitton clothes? I like that.

Rolling up one of the brand's bright sweaters with the swipe of a mouse is oddly gratifying, but the packing game is also full of space-saving, wrinkle-reducing tips to ensure your vacation wardrobe stays polished—no matter what luggage it's traveling in. (Although, yah, a legendarily luxe Louis Vuitton trunk would be pretty cool.)

Watch the "Art of Packing" video below, and visit the site for a Friday distraction that's also slightly productive, pre-weekend getwaway packing:

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