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Lucky Haul: The Best Packages Come From Moda Operandi

Ordering from Moda Operandi doesn't provide the same "I saw it, I loved it, I-bought-and-wore-it-the-next-day" thrill as department store shopping, but I find the experience equally satisfying. After months of delicious anticipation, the long awaited arrival always feels so luxurious. Especially since everything is so beautifully packaged.

Case in point: yesterday I came home to find a huge box wide as my door, waiting in the foyer of my building. I was pretty confused because the only thing I was expecting was a delicate silk Equipment blouse, thin enough to stuff in an envelope. Turns out yes, my new shirt was inside and no, the staff at Moda Operandi weren't just out of smaller shipping containers. The piece was laying flat, perfectly pressed and swathed with a pink canvas garment bag and tissue paper.

It was way too hot for wearing a button-down today and it probably will be tomorrow, too. But until the weather is right, I'm content knowing that my MO purchase is happily cocooned in my closet, wrinkle-free and carefully wrapped.

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