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Mad Men Season 5 Episode 13: Shop the Show

In "The Phantom," the final episode of Mad Men's extraordinary fifth season, Don Draper and co. face plenty of ghosts: some welcome, some feared. Click through to shop styles inspired by outfits from the seaon finale. Until next year!


Peggy Olson

In a new position of power, Peggy wears red throughout the episode. I especially liked the red knit suit with a cream border. Click through to shop her look.


Marie Calvet

Julia Ormond, who plays Megan's mother, Marie Calvet, is one of the chicest women in the world. This navy sweater dress is snug in a sexy way, never veering toward inappropriate. Click through to shop her look.


Beth Dawes

Beth Dawes, Pete Campbell's married love interest, is not well. But it's unclear whether or not she's totally crazy. She wears bright pink lipstick and baby pink clothes throughout the episode, which certainly give her an air of innocence. Click through to shop her look.

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