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Men Are Purchasing More Women's Beauty Products Than Ever Before

Well, this is interesting: according to research conducted by flash sales site HauteLook, men have grown increasingly effeminate over the past two years—at least where their shopping habits are concerned. And while men's grooming product sales have increased by a whopping 420 percent since 2010, it seems that some dudes just aren't willing to stick to their (admittedly smaller) section of the beauty department.

The group's studies revealed that the number of men purchasing women's grooming products has increased by 76 percent over the same time period. There's no word on whether the bulk of that percentage is made up of hair products, skincare or (ahem) makeup, but here's another tidbit: sales of men's jewelry have risen by 117 percent monthly.

It's been awhile since we've thrown the word "metrosexual" around, but with Marc Jacobs wearing sheer lace dresses, men's kilts popping up on runways and Morgan Spurlock directing an entire documentary about guys' grooming habits, we're guessing this isn't the end of this particular trend. Soon, "borrowed from the boys" style could carry an entirely new meaning.

Photo: Backstage at Burberry Prorsum's Spring 2013 Menswear show, via Fairchild Archive

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