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Mulberry's Tassel Collection Bags Are Now Available

When Mulberry hosted a party at Coachella a couple months ago, almost all of the celebrity attendees—Kate Bosworth, Emma Watson, Lily Collins—carried some version of the brand's new Tassel bag.

It makes sense: more so than the preppy Alexa satchel it riffs on, or the even the Del Rey tote (named after the singer and totally sleek with its doctor bag shape), the Tassel hits the same relaxed note as the music festival. Slouchy and studded, it just fit.

But whether oversize, mini or standard issue, the Tassel would look good in a zillion other places, too–basically anywhere with a nonchalant summer dress code (clogs, overalls, floaty white dresses).

Click through below to see the range of styles, most of which hit Mulberry's website today. Despite their devil-may-care aesthetic, we'd bet there are more than a few girls very, very serious about buying them:

The tassel bag, which comes in blue, red, tan or tiger print.

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