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Pharrell Williams Says You Should Own a Pair of Printed Pants

Photo: Billy Farrell Agency

Last night at Chanel's seriously-perfectly-amazing Little Black Jacket exhibition party in NYC, rapper-cum-fashion designer Pharrell Williams had no problem dolling out a little fashion advice. "She needs to listen to you," pointing at my floral pants from J.Crew's Spring 2012 collection. "A woman should wear tight pants like that."

I repeated back his answer. My pants are tight? (Now I'm worrying if they're squeezing me in the wrong places so badly that Pharrell noticed.) "Yeah, they tight," was his response, moving towards the door to his next event.

Leah Chernikoff, Fashionista's executive editor and my date for the evening, explained that Pharrell was not saying that my pants were too tight, but that they were "tite" as in cool-looking. Ray Siegel, our digital fashion editor and lover of all things that appear on Urbandictionary.com, further elaborated: "Yeah, he meant 'tite' like those are ill ma."

So, since Pharrell is really good looking and has great taste and has done collabs with brands like Louis Vuitton, I think you should also buy a pair of "tite" pants. Shop my picks below.

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