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Ray-Ban's Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Shades Are Now Available

Beyond a charcoal grill and patriotic colored clothing, Ray-Ban's Ambermatic sunglasses are the third most necessary thing for Fourth of July parties.

Not only would they work with whatever red, white and blue outfit you cook up—barbecue-friendly cutoffs, slightly more fancy dinner party dresses—they also look a lot like the gold aviators Carrie wore in the Sex and the City movie, which is a good thing. I obsessed over those for months, and these similar shades are neither back-ordered nor $525.

Instead, the $210 limited edition sunglasses are available today on Ray-Ban's website, just waiting to be paired with all your summer-y white dresses and vacation outfits. Each of the four styles was created to mark the brand's 75th anniversary, if you needed an extra incentive to buy them. Although—why would you?

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