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A pencil skirt that could go either way is rare. Wear it with a white tee when you're feeling casual or with heels and a knit top for the office.

We're all about a slim cropped pant.

Make your plain work outfit more fun with a crazy platform pump.

Such a cool dress for such a low price.

Another item that you'll get a ton of wear out of: A sleeveless print top.

Crochet is a timeless summer staple.

A really good denim jacket looks cool no matter what.

The pattern makes it feel less office-y, but you can still wear it to the office.

Something bright to wear in a room blasting with AC.

Bright snakeskin can make a hundred different outfits look more interesting.

Only certain shoes can be worn with every type of bottom—this is one of them.

Whenever I wear a plain tee, I dress it up with a statement earring.

Red bags are the new black bags.