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Rihanna vs. Blake Lively: Who Wore the Red Suit Better?

Stepping away from dresses that necessitate cleavage makeup and spray-tanned upper thighs, Blake Lively slithered into a new type of vampy outfit earlier this week— the red pant suit.

Knowingly or not, Rihanna followed Blake's lead, also choosing a red pant suit to wear around London yesterday. But color was about all the two outfits had in common.

In her fire engine red Michael Kors suit, Blake would fit right in on the set of a glossy new sitcom about sexy 20-something lawyers in Manhattan. Meanwhile, Rihanna's scarlet Acne ensemble suited a different kind of set, like something a just-hit-it-big indie musician would wear on  a late night talk show to prove they've still got that rawness, that edge.

But it wasn't just the Acne suit's cotton candy-colored accents that gave it more of a cheeky, subversive vibe than Blake's suit. Thanks to glass-heeled white brogues and cagey black stilettos, those footwear choices kicked each outfit into totally separate fields. We're kinda into a mashup of the Rihanna's funky outfit and Blake's '80s Dallas mom one—perhaps a standard red suit paired with flat black loafers and a swipe of fuschia lipstick?

Still, whatever your preference and however you'd wear the red suit, you can shop all the supplies for both Blake's and Rihanna's outfits in the slideshow below:

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