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Scoop Style Genius: Perfume is Here!

I love a fragrance that’s everything at once—sexy, fresh, day, night, warm, soft….no single-note roller ball ever works for me. I don’t believe in switching it up for a date or a baseball game, because I barely have time to change my shoes for the gym. And Stefani Greenfield, the powerhouse behind Scoop, must feel the same way.

Her new scent, Curations, which she debuted yesterday on HSN, captures every mood in one spritz: smooth and sensual (that’s the patchouli, sandalwood and amber) airy and refreshing (mandarin will do that), and undeniably feminine (rose, freesia, neroli). TIP! I spray it on my wrists and behind my neck for an especially light touch (so that when I flip my hair I leave a subtle scent trail behind for Ryan Gosling-esque men to follow), but Greenfield says she sprays it on right out of the shower while her skin is still wet, so it really soaks in and stays all day.

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