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Shop It Out: MTV's Daria

The '90s had a lot of great TV shows but few were as great as Daria, the MTV cartoon about disaffected teen Daria Morgendorffer, her family, and the clueless surburban Lawndale residents who fuel her cynicism. During the show's five-year run, Daria embodied the sarcastic voice of every Gen X-er out there. Now that MTV is bringing back Daria (along with Lauren Conrad's vehicles Laguna Beach and The Hills) for their summer 'Retro Mania' programming, life will be less of a 'sick sad world.' Click through the gallery to see Daria and co., plus some items to help you look like our favorite protagonist, as well the students of Lawndale High School.

Tune in to MTV from July 30 – August 3 for a selection of the network's favorite episodes from the series.

Combat boots and a slouchy green blazer are must-haves for Daria.

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