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Shop Loeffler Randall's Pre-Fall Shoes

If Jessa from Girls had a couple whiskey sours at brunch before wandering around NYC playing with her Instagram app, she'd create something sort of like Loeffler Randall's pre-fall campaign.

That homespun approach makes sense, though. Wiith Birkenstocky-flatform sandals, wooden wedges and open-toe lace-up booties Chloe Sevigny would love, the shoes are even more Brooklynite-cool-girl than usual.

Of course, there's still a selection of cap-toe flats and polka dot pumps to sate those searching for Loeffler Randall's more classic fare. But yeah, there's a ton of slightly more gritty offerings, too—the sort of stuff you're likely to see clomping around summer music festivals underneath a vintage Coach bag and Wayfarers.

Click through below to check out the shoes, the campaign and the mood board that inspired it. (Jessa from Girls isn't on there, but harnesses, polka dots and socks with sandals are.)

The perfect wedge for with ankle-length pants.

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