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Snap Poll: Would You Grow Your Own Clothes?

If I had to guess, I'd bet Suzanne Lee is one of those people who thinks making pasta involves hand-rolling fresh noodles rather than just, like, opening a box of Ronzoni.

The British designer creates her own clothes not by sewing together swatches from craft stores but by creating the very fabric out of thin air—or, specifically, sugar, green tea, bacteria and yeast.

When fermented, those ingredients make what Lee calls "vegetable leather," a thick, light brown fabric that lasts for five years as a bomber jacket or sheath dress before disintegrating.

Watch BBC's video of her working in her London studio here—clearly, the process is eco-friendly, but not exactly light on the labor. But with people (and by people I mean my Brooklynite dude friends) brewing their own beer in bathtubs, it's really not that bizarre to cook your own clothes, though, is it?

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