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Summer Packing Guide: Italy

Last summer my parents took me to Italy (one week in Rome, one week in Tuscany) as a college graduation gift. I had been there once before (while in school, I studied abroad in Paris and spent a weekend in Venice), but due to a horrible bout of food poisoning after my first authentic Italian meal, my experience was kind of ruined. I missed out on a lot of gelato, wine, and most importantly, a chance to show off all the cute outfits I had packed.

So for my second time around, I decided to go all out. Since I had to pack two weeks worth of outfits into one suitcase, I chose pieces that I could mix and match, and that would embody the flavor of each city I visited. For Rome, I garnered inspiration from Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe in Roman Holiday and for Tuscany, I aimed for a more earthy look inspired by the landscape.

Whether you'll be riding a Vespa through the Piazza della Republica, frolicking through the vineyards of Chianti, or both, click through for 12 pieces just perfect for Italy.

A crisp, white shirt will be the most versatile piece in your suitcase.

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